THE ARTIST   Bettina Newbery

"People are interesting - I paint in particular ladies - beautiful women and changing fashions hold a fascination for me.

My paintings are inspired by Fashion and Popular culture, justaposing the subjects with exotic patterns, contrasting prints and bold colours. The result are visual anecdotes, blended fact and fiction that tell stories..

I do hope that my striking portraits amuse, charm, delight and intrigue the viewer. ."

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INSTAGRAM @BettinaNewbery
+44 (0) 7736 658959


"I dedicated 2017 to learning a new skill:
Copper Etching + Hand Printing

All displayed monoprints are limited editions individually printed - either two-tone etchings, etchings with plate tone and various prints enriched with hand colouration [subtle layers of oil]"

All varied editions are framed and ready to hang

2015   Portraits on Silk

Having originally started painting in oil in the 1980s,
I soon fell in love with painting on silk: Painting portraits on silk, the most sensual medium for a sensual subject.

"Imagine the colour dancing on silk as you paint, seemingly having a life of its own. While oil painting is forgiving as you can correct it, painting on silk needs a certain amount of control that needs to be executed, knowing how or when to place the paint onto the silk. It can be a fast and simple process but I have to be in a certain place emotionally to accomplish what I consider to be a successful painting."

All silk portraits are framed and ready to hang

2014 - 2016  Portraits in Oil

Having painted on silk and in oil throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, I restarted painting in the 2011 - below you see a selection of oils from between 2014 to date

"The Cult of Beauty - usually reserved for the Pre-Raphaelites, I attempt to use unconventional models and create a phantasy world of Beauty"

All oil portraits are framed and ready to hang